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The Dodwell Trust – a registered UK charity, was started in 1995 by Christina Dodwell to help the people of Madagascar. 

After more than 20 years of running charity projects in Madagascar for education, community welfare, and environmental conservation, the Dodwell Trust has reached the time for change and we have started a new phase in our work in concentrating our efforts on our purpose built learning Centre in Ampefy, a small community in the central lake region of Madagascar.

The goal of our Learning Centre and school in Ampefy is to help the young of the region become able to take part in the development of their very beautiful but little-visited region.

In the Learning Centre, we run IT classes and various training courses, teaching maths, science, english and french.  We work to reduce poverty by:-

Improving the ability of people to play a positive role in sustainable development, and working through education to help individuals and communities to achieve leverage and generate revenue.

To find out more about the work of the Dodwell Trust and the opportunities for you to get involved in Madagascar, please visit the other sections of this site.

The Dodwell Trust's volunteer programme is run by our partner organisation Access Madagascar Initiative (A.M.I - UK Non profit organisation)

The Volunteer programme allows you to help the country reach its goal of teaching children to speak English, for a future of improved communication with the English-speaking world concerning conservation, eco-tourism, trade and development.

VOLUNTEER PACKAGES STARTING FROM £695  for more information click here

World as a globe highlighting position of Madagascar
Facts about Madagascar:
Population: 23,000,000 
Capital: Antananarivo
Area: 587,041 square km
(226,658 square miles)
Language: Malagasy,French
Religion: Indigenous beliefs, Christian, Muslim
Currency: Ariary, Malagasy Franc
Life Expectancy: 64.5
GDP per Capita: U.S. $470
Literacy Percent: 69
Source: National Geographic.