Dodwell Trust Madagascar
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  2006 Horse Safari
  2008 Horse Safari  


As part of Ampefy region’s fight against spiralling poverty, we aim to create some trails for equestrian tourism. 

Our first few exploratory patrols involved small groups of riders in challenging week-long forays through wild mountainous regions, lead by Christina Dodwell who is well known for pioneering on horseback. 


For the first ride in 2006 we planned to ride north from Antsirabe to Ampefy.  Just before departure, we met with friends from Kew Botanical section and agreed to ride south in search of a new type of palm tree.  It was a thrilling ride though not easy, more info see: 2006 Horse Safari

In 2010 we tried again from Antsirabe to reach Ampefy.  It was magnificent but too gruelling to be repeatable.  



The third ride was wonderful in every way, we rode through the mountains and volcanoes  around mysterious Lake Itasy, via crater lakes and geysers.  Our goal of sustainable horse tourism is now in sight; we teamed up with Unicorn Tours in UK who took part and will continue this ride.   The local team are trained and capable, the horses are excellent.   



We have one more exploratory horse ride ahead, based on a map of Ampefy which an old-timer once marked with a series of X’s for long forgotten special sites and sacred places.  No timing yet fixed for this ride.