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Christina Dodwell honoured for services to Geography
Christina has been given an award for outstanding services to Geography by The Spanish Geographical Society. Accepting her award - Christina said 

"I'm just back from the Spanish Geographical Society's ceremony of Awards in Madrid - I had such a nice visit, they gave me a big welcome as did the press photographers and televsion - since my award was the top prize this year. It was an honour and a pleasure to receive the International Award, and a super audience at the ceremony, nearly a full house - a brilliant evening. My sincerest thanks to the SGE Committee and members for helping to make my visit so enjoyable." 

To see a full interview with Christina please follow this link: Christina Link and scroll to 10:30 and it runs until 16.41 on the video viewer.
The Dodwell Trust learning centre in Ampefy this year saw its students achieve 100% success in the students taking and passing their exams. After many years of developing the school it's a real tribute to the pupils, teachers and staff for all their efforts in achieving such fantastic results. As the Dodwell Trust concentrates all it's efforts in developing the school and learning centre we hope to bring you more news of success soon.

The Trust has continued its funding of a tree planting programme in central Madagascar. Funds donated are helping to provide training to local people about tree planting, care and general habitat conservation.  DEFI - local based NGO has over 20 years experience in helping to restore the central highland Tapia forest - providing a valuable habitat for many species of birds, insects, animals and plants.

DODWELL TRUST VOLUNTEERS FIND A NEW AMI The Dodwell Trusts volunteering programme has now entered a new phase. Since January this year, UK / Madagascar based non profit organisation has taken over the volunteer programme. This year Access Madagascar Initiative A.M.I have built a classroom in Andasibe, feeding area at the Ampefy Learning Centre, trained english teachers, taught in Schools and restarted a rare orchid breeding programme. For more information please visit their website: Access Madagascar Initiative